Inked with dip pen, colored digitally or with watercolors/ Entintado a pluma, pintado en digital o acuarela.

pijamas, cat, smilodon, Saber-toothed tiger, girl's room, jealous, celos, gato  girl's imagination trex, viking girl, vampire, unicorn, animals never ending Story cover St Corleone all girls school- middle grade book cover Pirate Willy Zapata by Aki Obarrio New ywar cards- boy and lama traveling Libra- pepsi or cocacola winter- girl and hamster post apoc girl and dog- autumm Zombie pattern- patron de zombissisters- Animal market1: kitchen farm- cocina campestreAnimalmarket2Animalmarket3 puma chasing girl and fox, thieves

mini people in the gardenInteriorhanumann oval Toys- juguetesCoaties and girl


Painted with liquid Watercolors/Pintado con acuarelas liquidas:

stray cat Monkey and Tiger- mono y tigre AdrianaXmas mice- ratones navideosxXmas mongol girl riding elk- chica mongol navidea y reno